Qualified distributors can receive extra income for the lease or purchase of a Mercedes Dream, Ferrari, or Lamborghini. In order to participate in the OG Dream Car program, you must meet the following requirements:

Distributor Qualifications

• Be an Active OG Distributor in good standing with Organo Gold.

• Achieve the pay rank of Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Blue Diamond for two (2) consecutive months.

Volume Requirement

For each month that you achieve the pay rank of Sapphire or above, you are entitled to receive the bonus payment for the corresponding pay rank.

Qualified members will receive their bonus based on the following:


200 Euros per month*


400 Euros per month*


600 Euros per month*


800 Euros per month*

Blue Diamond

800 Euros per month*

Black Diamond and above

2000 Euros per month**

*for the purchase or lease of a black Mercedes Dream
**for the purchase or lease of a Ferrari, Lamborghini or qualifying elite car (see list below)

Bonus payments are solely based on your pay rank for the qualifying month. Payments will be adjusted according to your pay rank for a particular qualifying month. For example, if you are a Ruby in the first month, and you achieve the rank of Emerald in the following month, your bonus payment will be adjusted to the bonus corresponding with the Emerald rank in the following month.

Bonuses will be paid as part of the monthly commission cycle.
Bonus payments are to be used ONLY towards payment of a qualified vehicle.


• BLACK Mercedes Dream of any model. It can be a new or pre-owned vehicle, provided it is no more than three (3) years old. Black Diamond and above elite vehicles may be up to 5 years old and any color.

• Vehicle must be registered under the name of Organo Gold distributorship (i.e. name of either applicant/co-applicant).

Note : Acquiring Your New Car

Upon selecting a Mercedes Dream dealer of your choice, you will be responsible for negotiating terms and conditions for the purchase or lease of your new vehicle. Your vehicle must be purchased or leased through an authorized dealership in order to qualify for the OG Dream Car bonus.

OG Dream Car Bonus Payment

If you have qualified for the OG Dream Car program, you will receive an email notification. After receiving the email, you will have exactly thirty (30) days to complete the following:

1. Go to your Back Office and print a copy of the OG Dream Car Terms & Conditions and the OG Dream Car Agreement.

2. Read and signify approval of the terms and conditions by signing the OG Dream Car Agreement.

3. Submit the signed Agreement along with proof of possession of the vehicle, current registration of the vehicle, and the Insurance Certificate for the vehicle. Fax copies of all such documents to 44 208 747 8197.*

4. E-mail a high-resolution photograph (not taken with a mobile phone) of you with your Mercedes Dream to dreamcar.organogold.com. Photograph must clearly show distributor's full body, a full view of the car, and the Organo Gold car decal affixed to the vehicle**. Include your distributor ID in the subject line.


* All documents must be submitted together, or your application is incomplete and cannot be processed.

Upon verification of your qualifications to become a member of the program, Organo Gold will send you the OG Dream Car Welcome Kit*** (Organo Gold car decal, official OG Dream Car cap and Keychain) and will pay you the appropriate bonus following a monthly commission cycle.

Once you receive your OG Dream Car Welcome Kit, you are required to send a photograph clearly showing a full view of the car and the Organo Gold car decal duly affixed to your vehicle, in order to receive future payments.

Also, to continue to receive future bonus payments, you will be required to verify that you continue to own or lease your vehicle on a bi-annual basis. For bi-annual verification purposes, you are required to email or fax the updated versions of the following items: (1) Up-to date Insurance Certificate, if applicable, (2) photograph that must clearly show distributor's full body, a full view of the car, and the Organo Gold car decal affixed to the vehicle**, and (3) if the vehicle is leased, you must send an up-to-date statement (signed letter) from the leasing company or, If the vehicle is financed you must send a copy of the receipt for the last payment made (with a confirmation or signed letter from the Bank or your finance Company). Should you sell or terminate the lease on your qualifying Mercedes-Dream, you will no longer be eligible to receive bonus payments unless you acquire another qualifying vehicle. Qualifying distributors must inform Organo Gold of any changes to vehicle owner status, including sale or lease termination. Organo Gold reserves the right to recover any payments made to the distributor after the sale or termination of lease on their Mercedes-Dream.

If the official Organo Gold car decal is not clearly displayed on your Mercedes-Dream, you will not be eligible for your bonus payments. If your official Organo Gold car decal has been damaged, lost or stolen, a 100.00 Euros will apply for replacement of the OG Dream Car Welcome Kit which contains the official Organo Gold car decal (Fee subject to change without prior notice). Organo Gold is not responsible for any vehicle damage that may occur as a result of application, use and/or removal of the car decal that is included in each OG Dream Car Welcome Kit.

*** Contents of the OG Dream Car Welcome Kit are subject to change without prior notice.

Qualifying Cars for the Elite Car Program
• Lamborghini
• Ferrari
• Porsche
• Bentley
• Rolls-Royce
• Bugatti
• Aston Martin
• Lotus
• McLaren
• Maybach
• Koenigsegg